Tips For Loading Skips

It might not be rocket science but when it comes to loading your skip there’s a right and a wrong way to do it.

Whether you’ve hired a mini skip to clear a small shed, a midi skip to tidy up the garden or a large skip to empty the garage, it’s easy to randomly chuck stuff in only to find the skip won’t hold everything you’d intended. On countless occasions customers have called us exasperated because they need to order an extra skip when they’d only budgeted for one. A touch more care in loading their skip and this could have been avoided.

The golden rule when filling a skip is to leave no air. Or to leave as little air as possible. So with household waste try and load the skip as neatly as you can. Flat items such as boards can be placed at the side of the skip as long as they don’t rise above a level load. Items like cupboards or chests of drawers can be broken up but if they’re too sturdy then fill them with smaller items. Bulky articles such as sofas may be too difficult to break up but that doesn’t mean, if you’re as tight with money as the writer of this blog, that you can’t slice open the sofa and stuff it with books, money etc. Anything hollow, fill it up. Make full use of all the space within your skip and make your money go a lot further.

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